Trenton Downtown Association (TDA)

16 E Hanover St Downtown

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The is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the capital city a more competitive location for business owners and an engaging center for workers, residents, and visitors.

How to Support Trenton Local Businesses:


Shop local whenever you can.

Did you know many of your favorite brick-and-mortar stores offer call-in/pick-up services?


Purchase gift cards!

To restaurants and cafes, hair and nail salons, museum shops, clothing stores, coffee shops. This will ensure future sales while keeping income coming in today.


Carry out your meals.

You can still enjoy your favorite dishes at home.


Engage with local business on social media.

Like and comment on their pages, share their content, encourage your friends to follow them.


Write positive reviews.

Let the world know how much you love your favorite local businesses’ products or services by leaving comments on Yelp, Google, Facebook and other sites.


Get outside and walk around downtown Trenton if you can.

Be mindful of those around you and follow social distancing practices.


Tip as much as you can, when you can.

And, if your income allows, continue to pay your hairstylist, cleaning service, etc., for services they can’t deliver now.