James R. Halsey Foundation of the Arts

535 E Franklin St Hamilton Township

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A nonprofit organization partnering with the community & corporations to enrich the quality of life for inner-city youth (ages 14-20) through our programs.


🎭 The James R. Halsey Foundation of the Arts, in partnership with the community and corporate support, enriches the quality of life for youths (ages 14 to 20) by providing a safe and educational environment where participants in our programs are inspired and encouraged toward a better future. ⁣
🎭This initiative is accomplished by promoting and guiding participants/students through the creative processes involved in the art of filmmaking, and by providing life-skills training in business and the arts.⁣
🎥”We believe that art -- specifically filmmaking -- is a therapy and a common language that expands our minds and bridges the gaps between different generations and socioeconomic barriers.” — @josephahalsey
📲 To learn how you can support our #artseducation programs —> https://www.jrhfoundation.org