KinderSmile Community Oral Health Center (KSCOHC) Trenton

101 N Broad St Downtown

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KinderSmile Community Oral Health Center Trenton (serving children and adults)

KSCOHC Trenton serves patients of all ages; pediatric (0-18 years old), perinatal (pregnant or 0-3 years after birth) and adults (18yrs+). We take all forms of Medicaid and NJ FamilyCare, and offer affordable fees for uninsured families.

Mission: To provide underserved children with access to comprehensive dental care and educate children and their families on the importance of dental hygiene.


Location Address:

101 N. Broad St. Trenton, NJ 08608

(Entrance on Hanover St.)


Hours of operation:

Monday: 9-6pm

Tuesday: 9-5pm

Wednesday: 9-5pm

Thursday: 9-5pm

Friday: 9-5pm

Alternating Saturdays

To book an appointment, please call 973-744-7003(option #1) or email

Dental Services Offered: 


Education: Oral health education for kids & families, with special support for pregnant/new moms

We pride ourselves on incorporating interactive, age-appropriate, English & Spanish education throughout our dental home.


Intervention: Comprehensive dental care & restoration, e.g. fillings, extractions, root canals, dentures.  Our dentists have decades of experience dealing with advanced dental disease in children and adults.

Prevention: Routine cavity prevention, including biannual dental check-ups & cleanings with night/weekend appointments available.
The best way to eradicate dental disease is to never contract it in the first place!
Combined with oral health education, preventative treatments can help avoid the accumulation of dental decay and cavities before they begin.


KinderSmile Foundation

Giving Kids a Dental HEAD START in Our Community

10 Broad St, Bloomfield, NJ

T: (973) 744-7003

F: (973) 744-7008

Frequently Asked Questions from Parents:

Why did I receive a flyer that looks like the one above?

Your child’s school has agreed to partner with KinderSmile Oral Health Program (KSOHP). Our team of dental professionals and educational volunteers will be traveling to your child’s school in order to provide the services listed on your flyer.

What happens if I don’t sign any forms?

You may choose to decline the free oral exam, free teeth cleaning, and/or the free fluoride treatment for cavity prevention which we offer school groups. It is 100% your choice, and we will respect that choice. NO CHILD is treated without signed dental consent from a legal guardian. Your child will instead participate in our group oral health education, where they will learn how to properly brush their teeth, what foods are good/bad for their teeth, how often & for how long they should brush, etc. This oral health education happens in a group setting and will include all students present, regardless of consent forms.

How will I know the results of my child’s oral exam?

Immediately following your child’s exam, the KSOHP dentist or hygienist will fill out a letter detailing their observations and recommendations. You should receive the letter home via your child’s teacher or school nurse within one week, and in addition, a program coordinator from KinderSmile Foundation will personally call you to discuss the exam results. You may request additional information about your child’s oral health records at any time by calling KinderSmile Community Oral Health Center at 973-744-7003.