Jersey Divas (D.I.V.A.S)

Mercer County NJ US

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Jersey Divas (D.I.V.A.S) is a non-profit organization serving the youth and teen girls in the Trenton/Mercer County area.

The organization is in the beginning stages of the launching process but is very promising for the female population in at-risk urban areas. The D.I.V.A.S was founded by Shiobhan Peters and Nicole Fitchett.

With great determination these individuals in the Trenton Community felt the need to give inner city girls a broader outlook on life as well as equipping them with life-long knowledge and skills that they can use in their everyday life.

The program has a wide curriculum that will suit the skills and activities that our teen girls need to have and understand, in order to successfully thrive in the Trenton/Mercer Area.